New Harris Poll Shows Snoring Is Wreaking Havoc in America's Bedrooms

Nudging, arguing and sleeping apart suggest it's time to mute the snoring and improve relationships
Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 8:45 AM CDT

NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to lure the topic of snoring out of the bedroom and help destigmatize this disruptive sleep problem, leading nasal dilator manufacturer Mute recently commissioned a Harris Poll to better understand just how common snoring is and the impact it has on others.

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The survey of 2,050 U.S. adults found that a snorer resides in a full two-thirds of U.S. households. That's a whopping 79,498,991 households across the country in which snorers may be causing problems in the bedroom.

Among survey participants who live with a snorer, more than half (55%) describe the snoring as worse than the sound of road construction, approximately two-fifths (44%) sleep in a separate room because of it, and nearly three-fifths (57%) have gotten physical—nudging or shoving the sleeping snorer.

As for single snorers looking to make a love connection, 36% admit they would lie about their snoring on a dating app.

"I can't imagine anyone wants to be told by a loved one that the sound of a rumbling jackhammer is preferable to hearing them snore. But this kind of embarrassment is easily avoided by finding the right snoring solution, which, I might add, 71% of those living with a snorer wish their partner would do," said John Ende, vice president of North America for Mute.

Continued Ende, "Mute opens the airways in the nose to encourage breathing through the nose rather than snoring through the mouth. It's gentle and comfortable, and I'd say it's a better option than an elbow to the ribs or sleeping on the sofa."

Mute is available in three sizes and can be adjusted to each nostril so it fits noses of virtually any size or shape. Mute costs around $20 and is available online  at and and in select Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS locations.

About Mute
Mute, winner of a 2021 Health Sleep Award, is an FDA-approved nasal dilator that is shown to open the airways in the nose and improve airflow to reduce the incidence and severity of snoring among those with nasal obstructions. The Mute brand is owned by Rhinomed, a global medical device company enhancing respiration, sleep, the diagnosis of upper respiratory disease, and nasal drug delivery. To learn more about Mute, visit

Mute nasal dilators are available in three sizes and can be adjusted to each nostril to comfortably and discretely fit noses of virtually any size or shape.
For many, snoring is the result of nighttime mouth breathing due to congestion or a deviated septum. Mute opens the nasal airways to encourage breathing through the nose all night long.
Mute is made from soft medical grade polymers so it rests comfortably inside the nose.
A recent Harris Poll found that there’s a snorer in two-thirds of U.S. households. Mute nasal dilators can help snorers and their loved ones get a better night’s sleep.
Mute is easy to use, and when correctly inserted it gently opens airways in the nose to help quiet snoring.


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