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Researchers identify new strain of HIV

FDA wants stronger warning on breast implants about risks

Research finds lack of sleep leads to junk food cravings

CDC: Most pregnant women not getting vaccinated

Books better than tablets for child-parent bonding at storytime, study finds

How risky is eating red meat? New papers provoke controversy

Saturday is World Alzheimer’s Day

Walmart will stop selling electronic cigarettes

Americans love snacks. What does that mean for their health?

Daytime sleepiness could be sign of Alzheimer’s disease, study says

Study links birth defects with mothers living close to oil and gas activity

Bipartisan senators push for raising the age for purchasing tobacco

If you drink 2+ sugary drinks a day, your risk of early death increases by 31 percent, study says

Israeli scientists believe they've found cure for cancer

You may be sitting too much, CDC says

Abortion rates in US reach a decade low, CDC reports

There's "no safe level of alcohol," major new study concludes

Health officials: Condoms are not meant to be reused

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