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The oil industry’s covert campaign to rewrite American car emissions rules

Chevron raises 2019 budget to $20 Billion; First time in 4 years

Cheap oil is no longer a huge positive for the US economy

Oil prices drop 22% in November for biggest monthly loss in a decade

Oil bounces after falling below $50; Russia agrees to cut production

Oil settles at lowest in over a year, with U.S. prices sliding toward $50

Midland man poised to become America’s richest oil mogul

Goldman Sachs contradicts Trump on CNBC: $50 oil is bad for the US, commodity chief warns

Oil prices start the week up after worst day in three years

In Southwest Texas, the fracking industry encroaches on small towns and remote wilderness

Oil plunges to 7-week low; Lowest of the year

The Great Oil Crash of 2018: What's really happening

The Permian Basin is about to create OPEC's worst nightmare

U.S. energy companies offer $100 million to aid Permian Basin

US rig count rises 13 this week to 870; Texas up 11