UTPB baseball in prime position for wild LSC finish

Published: May. 2, 2019 at 9:18 PM CDT
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For the second straight year UT Permian Basin has clinched a spot in the Lone Star Conference Championships.

The Falcons currently sit fifth with an 8-12 record in conference play but there's plenty to play for heading into the final weekend.

The Falcons are still alive in the chase for the No. 3 seed in the Lone Star Conference. Cameron currently holds that spot with an 11-9 record. After this past weekend's series win the Falcons hold the tiebreaker should the teams finish with equal records. Also in the hunt is Texas A&M – Kingsville, currently holding down fourth place. Texas A&M - Kingsville is 9-11, just one game up on the Falcons, and have lost six straight including a pair to the Falcons. The teams split their season series and the Javelinas hold the tiebreaker by virtue of their wins over West Texas A&M.

With just four games to play, the Falcons will need some help to move up in the conference standings. Cameron finishes their regular season this weekend at home against No. 12 West Texas A&M. West Texas A&M currently holds the No. 2 seed over Cameron and will clinch that spot with a win this weekend. Texas A&M – Kingsville is also home this weekend against Eastern New Mexico. While Texas A&M – Kingsville has a postseason spot locked up, Eastern New Mexico just a game out of the playoff picture and looking to jump ahead of Tarleton. Heading into the final weekend the scenarios for the Falcons are:

No. 1 has been wrapped up by Angelo State. The No. 2 spot in in control by West Texas A&M who needs a win to lock it in, Cameron would be the No. 2 seed should they sweep the Buffs this weekend. Should the Buffs lock up that spot it opens the door as the No. 3-6 seeds are still undecided heading into the final weekend.

The Falcons can move into the No. 3 seed with a 4-0 or 3-1 weekend and some help from Cameron and Texas A&M – Kingsville. In the event of a tie with Cameron the Falcons hold the tiebreaker, while Texas A&M – Kingsville has it over the Falcons. Should there be a three-way tie, the Falcons hold the tiebreaker with five combined wins over Cameron and Texas A&M – Kingsville. A sweep by Cameron would make West Texas A&M the No. 3 seed, and then give the Falcons the tiebreaker over Texas A&M – Kingsville by virtue of having more wins against the highest seeded team.

The No. 4 seed is also a race between the same three teams. The same tiebreakers as above apply for this spot. Should the Falcons finish with the same record with Cameron but behind Texas A&M - Kingsville, the Falcons get the No. 4 seed. The Falcons would need at least two wins this weekend for a chance at No. 4.

At this time the Falcons have the No. 5 seed in the conference. With a win they will finish no worse than this spot no matter how the rest of the weekend plays out. Should the Falcons finish this weekend with the same record as Cameron and Texas A&M – Kingsville and record at least one win they'll finish fifth.

The Falcons can finish as low as No. 6, but would require them being swept by Tarleton who would then have the tiebreaker over the Falcons. The full Lone Star Conference Tiebreaker Policy can be found here.

Who the Falcons will play in round one is yet to be determined. With seeding up in the air, the Falcons could play one of West Texas A&M, Cameron, Texas A&M – Kingsville, Tarleton or Eastern New Mexico next weekend.

There's the potential for plenty of chaos on the final weekend of the regular season in the Lone Star Conference. The important thing to know is the Falcons hold the edge head to head with Cameron and in the event of a three-way tie with Cameron and Texas A&M – Kingsville. There's plenty of baseball to be played this weekend before the dust settles and the postseason begins.

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