Thank you, Jake Gadon

Jake Gadon Tonight is my final sportscast here at CBS 7. This is kind of crazy, like I’ve seen these plenty of these things on social media, but never thought about doing one myself.

Well, here this goes… tomorrow I'll be moving to Colorado Springs, CO to cover all Colorado pro sports, Air Force and much, much more. . But of course I can't leave without saying goodbye! West Texas, you will always have a special place in my heart. I'll be honest, as a Yankee, born and raised in New England, the only thing I really knew about this place was Boobie Mills, MOJO, and Oil. But man, did the Permian Basin have so much more to offer. Especially that West Texas hospitality.

But if you remember one thing about me, remember this.

Remember how the whole state came together for the town of Iraan after a tragic bus crash, or how Balmorhea made it to state back to back years.

Remember those Friday Night Lights with a filled Ratliff stadium between Odessa High and Permian, or a live rivalry game on Twitter between MOJO and Midland Lee

Remember men like Craig Yenzer or Barry Russel, who have coached young boys into men for decades long, before hanging it up.

Remember how UTPB started a football team or how the men’s basketball team made it to the Sweet 16 for the first time in school history.

Remember the Red Raiders making it to back-to-back college world series or becoming the madness in March and making their first national championship game.

But mostly, remember those athletes, who put it on the line each game- and never held anything back. No matter the situation. Athletes like Hope Santiago or Adrian Paz.

My stop in West Texas has been nothing short of incredible. I have made second family out here, after taking a leap of faith when I graduated college. They tell you- the people, and those Friday Night lights- really change you. And that could not be truer. Of course I have worked with some fantastic former co-workers like Tatum Hubbard & Tatum Guinn and in the sports office with Sarah Holden & Clarke Sachs. It is always hard to say goodbye, but how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

But West Texas I want to you know one thing: you guys have it so good. I have seen some amazing journalists do incredible things on breaking news or election night. People like Alexa Dunson, Devin Sanchez, Matthew Alvarez and our news teams. Or when there is severe weather- I have seen Craig Stewart, Joseph Nuerbuer, and Tom Tefferteller, leap into action to keep everyone safe.

Or like the two people sitting next to me that I get to share the desk with every night. Jay Hendricks and Shelby Landgraf- to put it plain- I will miss you more than you know. You both are the heartbeat of this station and will continue to keep it beating for years to come.

I owe a great deal to you guys, Scott Pickey our News Director, our GM Don Davis, to CBS 7 and you the viewers. Goodbyes are not forever, it simply means I’ll miss you until we meet again

- Jake Gadon