Rockhounds safe as MLB tries to eliminate Minor League teams

MIDLAND, Tx (KOSA) -- One of the most talked about issues in the sports world is a proposal from Major League Baseball to eliminate more than 40 minor league teams.

Don’t worry, the Midland Rockhounds are not among the teams on the chopping block. However, other Double-A teams that are less successful than the Rockhounds would be shutdown, if the MLB has its way in getting rid of about 25 percent of the existing minor league teams.

The federal government has even stepped in, with 106 congresspeople signing a letter to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred opposing the elimination of the minor league teams.

Last week Manfred said the reason for the cuts is that some minor league facilities and long bus trips are unsuitable for pro players, and that minor leaguers are underpaid because too many players with no real shot at the majors are in the minor league system.

Watch the video above to hear more of what Manfred had to say.

Although the Rockhounds are safe, the team told CBS7 that they've been asked by Minor League Baseball not to comment while negotiations with the MLB are ongoing.

More information and a possible agreement should come following the Baseball Winter Meetings in early December.