Police report reveals motive behind Stanton head coach's resignation

(Photo: Standard-Times file photo)

STANTON - New details have emerged behind the resignation of Stanton's head football coach Jerry Burkhart.

According to a Stanton police report obtained by CBS 7, on August 22 a minor was charged with Disorderly Conduct for threatening a person in a public place in an obvious manner, after threatening to stab another student a day earlier.

The suspect arrived at Stanton High School with two pocket knives the day of the 22nd and was then charged according to Stanton PD.

According to the affidavit, the minor said he did make the threat but did not plan to carry it out.

The complainant, Jerry Burkhart, was the father of the victim according to the report.

Since then all parties have left the Stanton ISD district.

Burkhart and the victim now reside in Rankin, while the minor now attends Big Spring High School.

CBS7 has reached out to Burkhart multiple times for a comment, and have yet to receive a response.