Midland brothers compete as team in Sandhills Rodeo

ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) -- The sport of team roping requires a pair of riders to work together as one. That isn’t a problem for Midland brothers Jesse and Jason Guzman, because they’ve been a team practically their whole lives.

“Team roping is the only event that there’s two people involved,” Jesse Guzman said. “I heel, which means I rope the feet. My brother [ropes the head]. He’s got to do his part before I can do mine.”

“He and I can communicate in ways that are different than a lot of these guys going that are just buddies,” Jason Guzman said. “I can get mad at him, he can get mad at me, and then we get in the rig together and go drive on to the next one. We’re always family, and we’re family first, and that’s what’s most important.”

Jesse is the older brother, and according to Jason, he’s also the quiet one. But Jesse did say that he doesn’t mind having his little brother as a partner.

“It’s awesome,” Jesse said. “We’re always together. So it’s pretty cool.”

So, in addition to teamwork, what does it take to be a successful roper?

“You don’t have to be the most athletic person,” Jason said. “It just takes work, and it takes time working at your skills. And it takes good horses. Those horses are just as important a part of the team as we are. So a lot of hard work and good horses goes a long way.”

The Guzman brothers are at the Sandhills Rodeo this week to compete against the best and try to win, but they’re also going to enjoy riding in the arena and rodeo they grew up going to.

“Oh yeah, we were here every year,” Jason said. “First part of every year, everybody looks forward to Super Tuesday, and that’s what we’re here competing at today, so it’s a blessing.”