Midland Classical Adademy Lady Knights pursuit for third-straight state championship

Midland, Tx (KOSA) The Midland Classical Academy girls basketball team is on the hunt for their third straight state championship.

A main factor in the Lady Knights' success is being able to trust one another and gel together as a unit.

“We’ve played together all four years like the seniors now,” Leia Beattie said. “The team chemistry. We’re really good friends off the court and that translates to great team chemistry on the court. So just knowing each other's strengths and being able to play to those strengths has been key.

However, with team chemistry comes holding each other accountable and the burning passion to compete every day in practice is one of the many ingredients for their success.

“We do three-on-three almost every practice and we really go at each other’s throats,” Jenny Coco said. “Because we have to push ourselves to get to that point. So I think that’s part of it. The effort all the extra time and energy we put into practice to get to the point where we can be state champions.

And through the pursuit to become state champions, is a special family bond.

“This is a family deal for us,” Head coach Carla Cunneen said. “My youngest niece Leia is a senior this year. It’s a blast for us and honestly we’ve known these kids for a long time now and they become our family as well.

“It’s really just a whole family affair here,” Beattie said. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been coached by a relative and so it’s really been fun to hear from them all throughout the process.”

As the Midland Classical Academy Lady Knights prepare for the final four and a run at the state championship.

Life-long friendships are one of the many components that these girls will take away from this journey long after their high school basketball careers.

“Probably just growing close relationships with the girls,” Kori Kirk said. “We have such a unique bond together since we’re such a close knit team. I’m going to have some life-long friends that come out of this and that’s probably the most rewarding thing.”

The Midland Classical Lady Knights play in the state semifinal game on Thursday in Waco.