Crosstown Rivalry: Graduates coaching rival teams

ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) -- Rivalry week is heating up between the Odessa High Bronchos and the Permian Panthers.

On Tuesday CBS7's Shane Battis met with two coaches who were once on opposite sides of the field.

This year Odessa High Bronchos coach Danny Servance has the home-field advantage.

“We’re excited to be in the home locker room to where it really feels like a home game.”

But does it really?

Wind the clock back to 1984 and you'd see Servance on the other side of the field rocking an all-black uniform butting heads with the Bronchos.

“Well you know that was a long time ago when I played for Permian.”

Maybe so, but when Servance donned the red horseshoe as head football coach in 2016 he didn't exactly leave Mojo at the door.

It's the Panthers who first taught him the value of hard work and excellence. Values he brings into what is now his home locker room.

“The blue collar like mentality where you roll your sleeves up and you do whatever it takes to win.”

Permian linebacker coach Mason Munguia might call that a familiar story.

When the crosstown rivals clashed a little over a decade ago he was trying to win one for the Bronchos.

“Very, very competitive. You wanted to do everything you could to win that game for your friends, for your school, for your family.”

This is the first year he's jumped across the aisle. While the black fits just fine, it'll feel weird wearing it on Friday.

“It’ll be different for me for sure. Just that atmosphere, seeing it from the other side of town’s perspective.”

Although Munguia will be on the other side this time he says that he still has the life lessons he learned when he bled Broncho red.

“I don’t see any side of town or any other school ever really changing that. It kind of becomes who you are.”

Both coaches admit they'll always love their home teams that first shaped them into who they are.