Local divers keep focus despite Olympic postponement

Midland, Tx (KOSA) Samantha Pickens and Tarrin Gilliland are two divers at City of Midland Aquatics who are training for the 2020 Olympics. Their life long journey to perfection is going to have to wait due to the coronavirus which caused the Olympics to be pushed back until at least 2021. These two girls are still going headstrong in their training as they continue their pursuit to Tokyo.

"Basically we can look at it two ways," COM Aquatics diver Samantha Pickens said. "We can take the positive or we can take the negative. And right now I think it’s really important to take all the positive from this because it’s the biggest event and we want it to be the best event. So I think just looking at the positives, another year to train, another year to grow. That’s where my head is right now."

"Well up until now we were doing our same thing here training and stuff," COM Aquatics diver Tarrin Gilliland said. "But since COVID-19 we’ve been training at home doing, doing mental work. This just gives me an extra year of learning more dives and learning how to do the right technique."

And while perfecting their technique and workouts are essential during this time of uncertainty. Tarrin and Samantha are learning from each other how to grow and not lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.

"There’s a lot of anxiety in there because you wake up and you’ve had a routine all these years and now you’re just like what’s the purpose now. So you have to keep your mind really busy, but you can still never have that satisfaction of being in the water. Honestly if you just meditate through it and keeping calm is what you need to do," Gilliland said.

"I think diving has a lot to do with experience," Pickens said. "I think having another year to compete and another year to grow into your competition mode, I think that’s really important."

The coronavirus may have caused the olympics to be postponed, but there’s nothing this world can throw at Samantha and Tarrin that will keep them from pursuing their lifelong goals at the Olympics.