ACU men's basketball named No. 15 seed; face Kentucky in first round of NCAA Tournament

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ABILENE - The ACU Wildcats are dancing their way into Jacksonville, Florida as they officially will take on Kentucky Thursday.

The 27-6 Wildcats, seeded at 15, have a tall task ahead of them as they take on a 2nd seed in Kentucky that also ended the year 27-6.

Kentucky is known as one of the Bluebloods of College Basketball, and this matchup will certainly put ACU on the map.

Head Coach Joe Golding said, "This week is crazy, they have no idea what is about to happen. I got to experience it at Arkansas Little Rock. I wasn't the Head Coach there, I was the assistant, but I still got to feel the excitement and see what it did for our university and saw how the university took off afterwards and that's about to happen here. This was the vision and dream, to put ACU on the map. We want to sell our story to the world, we want to sell our story to the country. We want to sell Abilene, Texas. I'm not just selling ACU, I'm selling Abilene, Texas man."