Krispy Kreme debuts chocolate glazed doughnut to celebrate solar eclipse

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With the first total solar eclipse visible across the entire United States in 99 years coming up soon, everyone is getting in on the excitement — even Krispy Kreme.

For the first time ever, the popular doughnut chain is rolling out a chocolate version of its original glaze, and it will be available for a limited time surrounding the eclipse.

Or, as the company words it: "Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Doughnuts will be eclipsed by a mouth-watering chocolate glaze to coincide with the solar eclipse Monday, Aug. 21 at participating U.S. shops."

You'll be able to get the Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed Doughnut, which is essentially the store's Original Glazed Doughnut smothered in a chocolate glaze, during evening Hot Light™ hours on August 19 and 20, or all day on August 21, the day of the eclipse.

“The solar eclipse is a rare occasion providing a total sensory experience for viewers across the continental U.S. Chocolate will have the same effect as we introduce a first-time chocolate glazing of our iconic Original Glazed Doughnut,” said Jackie Woodward, Chief Marketing Officer of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. “The Chocolate Glazed Doughnut is a delicious way to experience the solar eclipse – no matter where you are – and we can’t wait for fans to try it.”

You can find out when the Hot Light™ is on at your local Krispy Kreme through their website at this link.