How to capture the solar eclipse with your camera

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- On August 21st, all eyes -- and probably cell phones -- will point to the sky trying to capture the solar eclipse. But before you try to capture a picture with your camera, you may want to take some precautions.

Bob Moler, of Moler's Cameras, has been in the camera business since 1946. He recommends using a solar filter for your camera just as you would with your eyes.

"If you point a camera right at the sun and take a picture, you can do some damage to your sensor," Moler said.

Solar filters are available for cameras, but if you're taking photos with your smartphone, you can use the lens from a pair of solar glasses.

"You can scotch tape it over your camera lens on your cell phone and take pictures," Moler said.

With more complicated cameras, Moler recommends you practice before the big day.

And if you think you're safe to look through the camera's eye piece when photographing the sun, Moler says think again.

"If you're looking through a reflex camera, like a lot of DSLRs are, you're looking right through the lens, and you could really damage your eye. I wouldn't even consider that," Moler said.

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