Traffic Crash Report for 2018

Published: Mar. 1, 2019 at 6:07 PM CST
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The City of Midland's Traffic Operation Divisions have released its Traffic Report for the last calendar year, which contains all reported crashes that happened on public roadways.

Here's what the trend says:

-- The total number of reported crashes in the City of Midland last year increased 16.5 percent, from 3,755 in 2017 to 4,374 in 2018, which it's an all time high for the number of crashes in a year.

-- The total number for fatalities last year was 17 from 15 separate crashes. It's about the same as the 18 fatalities in 2017, but below to the 24 fatalities from 2014.

-- The location with the highest number of crashes in 2018 was in the interchange of Loop 250 in Andrews Hwy. This was followed by Loop 250 at Midland Dr, and Loop 250 at Big Spring St. These three are in the Top 10 among others and are consistently listed with high crash locations every year since they have the most volume intersections within city limits.

-- The overall traffic volumes from 2018 in the city increased nearly four percent compared to 2017, which had a two percent increase in the previous year.

-- The highest volume of interchange in the city in 2018 was Loop 250 at Midland Dr, with a 24 hour volume of over 58,000 vehicles. The highest volume single intersection was Andrews Hwy at Midland Dr with a similar volume of over 57,000 vehicles per day, as of early October 2018.

Traffic volumes provided in the annual crash report represent one 24-hour period of data collection that occurred during that year. Due to the variations in daily traffic patterns, great caution should be exercised in determining trends by comparing counts between multiple years at any specific location.