Be a Buddy: Meet Damarrion

Published: Jul. 18, 2019 at 11:36 PM CDT
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Damarrion was all smiles with a hand on the wheel and his foot on the accelerator in a racing arcade game at Mr. Gatti’s.

“I want to be a police officer where I drive the police cars," Damarrion explained.

At 12-years-old, Damarrion has been dreaming of towing the thin blue line for more than half his life.

“Since I was 4 years old, I always like to pretend I was a police officer,” Damarrion explained.

Damarrion is enjoying summer break ahead of the start of middle school in August.

In sixth grade, it was a teacher, not necessarily a subject, who made a difference.

“The best part is we had the best science teacher, her name is Miss Fry," Damarrion said. "Miss Fry, if you’re watching this video, I hope I see you again."

Damarrion is committed to doing what it takes to don a police uniform an protect his community.

“I want to go to college and finish my degree, get a good degree and get a scholarship to be a police officer," Damarrion explained. "And then I got to go to police training and stuff like that to be a police officer. And I’ll just drive and try to catch bad guys.”

He’s just asking for a big brother in law enforcement to help him achieve this dream.

“I want him to be my future in my life," Damarrion said.

And Damarrion already has a heart full of gratitude for that man with a badge.

“Thank you for letting me turn into a police officer," Damarrion said to his future big brother.

If you’re interested in being Damarrion's big brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Permian Basin, visit their website

or give them a call: (432) 687-0195.