World War II veteran welcomes back one of his old planes before the Airsho this weekend

MIDLAND -- The 27th annual Commemorative Air Force Airsho is back at the Midland Air and Space Port this weekend, Sat. Sept. 15 and Sun. Sept. 16.

94-year-old World War II veteran Dave Swenson used to train on an AT-11 just like this one when he was stationed in Big Spring.

“It’s pretty exciting that they had an AT-11 to bring in, it looks just like it did in those days," Swenson said.

Lieutenant Swenson served in the U.S. Army Corp during the was in 1944.

He had to fudge the rules in a big way to be able to fly.

“I was only 5’6’’ and that’s not tall enough to be a multi-engine pilot," Swenson said. "But by getting a couple of cushions behind me, I was able to do the toe brakes on the pedals."

Swenson said he'll never forget his first flight.

“The primary flight training when I first flew in an open cock pit, with a helmet and goggles," Swenson said. "You know turning upside down and hanging by your seatbelt that was a pretty big thrill.”

Swenson said he hopes everyone enjoys the vintage military planes this weekend at the Airsho as much as he did during his time in the cockpit.

Advanced tickets are available at Domino's or Taco Villa. It is $20 for adults and $5 for kids ages 6-12.

Adult tickets at the door will be $25.

The doors at the Commemorative Air Force Museum and Airsho Square open at 8:30 a.m. in the morning. The shows begin at noon on both Saturday and Sunday.