Witness details Big Spring officer-involved shooting

BIG SPRING-- A man was shot by police following a foot chase in Big Spring on Thursday.

Police say they believe the man was pulling a gun as he fled, and now it is up to the Texas Rangers to determine if the shooting was lawful.

CBS 7 spoke to one woman who saw the events unfold.

“I heard the dogs barking so I look out to see what’s going on and I see the cops chasing this guy down the street,” she said.

At noon on Goliad Street, just down the road from Big Spring High School, a crime scene unfolded.

One young mother, who did not want to give her name, was inside her home when she saw a man get shot by a Big Spring police officer.

“It says he got shot once, but I think he got shot like 5 times,” she said.

“Did you hear a bunch of gunshots?” CBS 7 asked.

“Yeah and I watched it from my window!” she explained.

Thursday was supposed to be a happy day for the mother of two.

“It’s actually my son’s birthday today,” she told us.

But instead of celebrating, she spent the day answering questions from police, watching Texas Rangers comb her neighborhood for evidence and wondering if her neighborhood is still safe.

“It makes me feel like I probably should lock my doors during the day, because I thought he could have ran in my house,” she said.

But, from her point of view she doesn’t think the officer was out of line.

“I don’t think he was just ready to shoot him, I think he was just trying not to get hurt himself,” she explained.

Big Spring police wouldn't give any additional details, since the Texas Rangers have taken over the investigation.

Neither the name of the cop, nor the name of the man shot have been released. The man shot was taken to Scenic Mountain Medical Center. His condition is unknown.