Woman recovering after being shot in the neck, authorities searching for ex-boyfriend

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 6:41 PM CST
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Investigators with the Ector County Sheriff’s Office are searching for a man who reportedly shot his girlfriend in the neck.

A gunshot wound is likely to kill most people, but surprisingly the woman survived the attack.

The Ector County Sheriff’s Office said they were called a mobile home late Sunday evening, where they found a woman who had been shot.

That woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells CBS7 that the bullet went in through her neck and then went down her back before stopping just short of her spine.

“I guess my whole life flashed before my eyes,” she said. “Just saw my son and my family.”

The woman says she had been dating her boyfriend since September and had seen him angry before but never like this.

She said he came home very upset and argumentative that night.

After some fighting, she said he told her to get in the car with him, but she noticed the gun resting on his dash and felt uneasy.

“No way I was fixing to get in that truck,” she said. “All I just kept thinking about was my son, which I should have been thinking about for a long time now. I should have ended this awhile back.”

She said when she commented on his temper, the man picked up the gun and fired.

After the shot was fired, the woman said he drove away and hasn’t reached out to her since.

Despite the pain, she’s expected to recover reasonably soon.

A fantastic recovery she credits to God.

“He’s always looking out,” she said. “You’re never alone when you’re with God. Never. He’s always there, even when it seems like He’s not. You don’t see his footprints cause He’s carrying you.”

Meanwhile, the Ector County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t released any names or descriptions of suspects but are working on arresting a suspect.

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