Police: Woman arrested after nearly striking officers while evading arrest

Mugshot: OPD

ODESSA -- According to Odessa Police, 19-year-old Estrella Navarrete has been arrested after nearly striking officers while ignoring their commands to stop.

Police say that on Friday, December 1, while officers were investigating an unrelated call in the 2100 block of Andrews Highway, a white Mercedes struck a parked red Chevrolet Silverado before fleeing the scene.

According to OPD, officers shined their lights at the Mercedes and gave commands for the driver to stop but she ignored all commands and accelerated while nearly striking the officers.

They add that the Mercedes continued southbound on Andrews Highway and eventually stopped near 4th and Golder.

The driver of the Mercedes was identified as Navarrete.

She was charged with Evading Arrest which is a State Jail Felony.