Eyewitness recounts near drowning incident at Midland pool

Published: Jun. 8, 2017 at 10:55 PM CDT
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What should've been a fun Summer day at the newly renovated Washington Aquatic Center, turned into every parents worst nightmare.

An eight year-old boy was pulled from the kiddie pool in an unconscious state. This wading area is only 1-foot deep.

Vanessa Hurtado told CBS 7 that she's holding her children tighter after watching it all happen. She was at the pool with her two children and wishes there was more she could've done.

Since we first aired our story, people who say they were at the pool have questioned whether protocol was followed in the moments just after the boy went unconscious. Hurtado is one of those people.

"The life guard from across the wading pool was yelling at one of the other lifeguards to get the kid, and he looked at her like he didn't know what she was talking about, and the other life guard was like somebody get him," Hurtado recounts.

A very panicked moment as parents hovered around the eight-year-old boy. She said that the lifeguard were debating on whether or not to do CPR. "And they finally started doing CPR, but it seemed like it was already too late. He was already foaming at the mouth, he was already turning blue, and then they were finally like did someone call 911."

The City of Midland is standing by their team's reaction. They say a lifeguard and pool manager quickly pulled the unconscious boy out of the water and began CPR.

"That's what he was trained to do. That's what our staff was trained to do. I think when you look at it, when you tell people about being a lifeguard and you remind them that it's just a summer job, when you have something like this it reminds you of how important it is to do this job," said Andy Cedillo, Assistant Parks and Recreation Manager said.

According to Lubbock's Covenant Children's Hospital, the 8 year-old boy who was pulled from the Washington Aquatic Center Pool unconscious is confirmed to be in critical condition.

The City of Midland released this statement: "The City of Midland will review everything that happened to make sure that proper protocol was followed. What caused the boy to become unconscious in the water is being investigated. We will be interviewing witnesses. Midland Police are investigating what happened."