Why one new therapy targets pregnancy and PTSD

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Its relaxation of the future. Float therapy is garnering interest across the country and now it has made its way to West Texas.

"It’s such a fantastic form of therapy. It's so hard to explain until you've actually tried it,” said owner of Body Scapes, Lachelle Stagray.

Lachelle is a certified massage therapist she says they've only been offering the service for about two weeks but the benefits are endless.

Float therapy first became popular back in the 1950's as a form of sensory deprivation and what affects it has on the brain and mind. The benefits have never been scientifically studied.

However, it's said to relieve aches and pains, helps those mentally suffering from PTSD or anxiety, and pregnant women.

"Pregnant women carry a lot of extra weight in their body especially on the front so it slowly brings your posture forward and it gives a lot of relief to pregnant women," explained Lachelle

Jenae Williams is 19 weeks pregnant and did her first float.

The process is simple- First you shower off then you float in 94.5 degree water filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt.

You stay disconnected from the world for around 90 minutes.

"Your brain shuts off and it has no stimulation whatsoever and your five senses don't exist."

Lachelle explains float therapy is not a cure but a form of pain management..

As for Jenae she says she's now a believer..

"It was really nice you kind of just forget you really are supposed to be doing anything for the rest of the day and you just have a set amount of time to relax," said first time floater, Jenae Williams