Chiefs and Titans gear among most popular for West Texas fans

Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 11:31 PM CST
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West Texas is Cowboys country, but with Dallas out of the playoffs, fans are coming to local stores looking for other teams’ gear.

The Draft Pick inside Odessa’s Music City Mall attracts people who root for a former Red Raider star.

“Just a ton of Patrick Mahomes fans,” employee Dash Williams said. “They’ll come in for [Texas] Tech gear. Want his old jerseys. They also want his new jerseys. And they’ll root for the Chiefs just because Mahomes played quarterback at Tech.”

In turn, the store has plenty of Kansas City Chiefs stuff.

On Sunday, Mahomes takes on another of West Texas’s own in Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and Titans gear is in demand too.

“[People] come through looking for jerseys, Tannehill jerseys,” Williams said.

For this story, CBS7 checked with several different stores, and we kept hearing that there is one surprising team that people ask about the most.

“The 49ers,” Williams said. “Man, they’re playing great. You’ve got to just watch them play.”

That’s fair. San Francisco is playing in the other conference championship game this weekend, so not a bad bandwagon to hop onto.

Back to the game on CBS7 this Sunday. What do Chiefs fans, also known as Mahomes fans, have to say when they come to the store?

“That they just followed him all the way through college and into the NFL,” Williams said. “That he’s going to lead them to the Super Bowl.”

And what about fans of the underdog Titans?

“They’re just shocked at how they’re playing,” Williams said. “They’re super surprised, but they believe they’re going to take it also.”

Let’s get a pick from the man behind the counter.

“A close game,” Williams said. “But I see the Chiefs pulling it out because of Mahomes. You see how he’s come on. He’s clutch.”

Another Mahomes fan; talk about knowing your customers.