West Texas businesses give support to victims and law enforcement

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA)- Just last weekend the Permian Basin community faced a tragedy some said no one ever wants to live through.

During the aftermath, businesses in West Texas have been giving support to not only the victims but also first responders.

Alejandro and Stephanie Barrentos are owners of the Curbside Bistro. The two are from Odessa and said they knew what they had to do once they saw the tragic events unfold.

“We all felt the impact. We all felt exactly what happened on that day. We felt the need to do something and the best way we know how to give back is through, food,” said Barrentos.

Usually closed on Sundays the bistro opened for a special pancake fundraiser with all proceeds being donated to the victims of the mass shooting in Odessa.

“Companies from the small mom and pop shops to the big ones. They have all given in some way shape or form back to the community. It just shows you how close nit this community really is.”

Tickets for the all you can eat pancakes fundraiser were only $10 dollars and the Barrentos said they sold well over 180 plates.

“It really makes us proud. Right now at this time when tragedy strikes most people think they get weak or sadness. You see everybody and everyone willing and happy to help out,” said Barrentos.

At the same event Pricilla Garcia the founder of SisterDough Donuts put together ‘Donuts for Donations.’

Garcia said her proceeds are going directly towards the ECISD Police for keeping her son safe during a lockdown on that very sad day.

“My son was coming home from Denton, Texas right on I20 when everything started to unfold. They were on a ECISD bus. He runs for Permian and they quickly got to those kids and escorted them off the highway. The police escorted off and on the bus,” said Garcia.