West Texas Food Bank in need of monetary donations to fill needs caused by pandemic

The West Texas Food Bank is working hard to stay afloat through monetary donations because of COVID-19.

West Texas Food Bank Director Of Marketing And Communications Craig Stoker said they've seen a 120% increase in the number of people they serve since last week

In addition to jobs lost because of the virus, problems in the oil and gas industry as well as the cost of living in this area are all reasons for the increase in need.

This month, they anticipate to distribute 700,000 pounds of food.

“We have been describing as a marathon and not a sprint and we know we are just at the very beginning of it, so we are prepared, we are hanging in there,” Stoker said. “We are doing our best to do things we know work best to get food out who needed the most

Stoker also said that they're asking for monetary donations instead of food because they don't have the manpower to disinfect or check the products for expiration dates.