West Texas Film Festival brings a variety of films to the basin

Odessa -- In an effort to bring fine arts and film to the Permian Basin, the first ever West Texas Film Festival wrapped up yesterday.

Hundreds turned out to see films from 18 different countries.
The festival featured a variety of film genres.

CBS 7 sat down with of the winners who took home best feature and who came all the way from San Diego just for a chance to compete in the film festival.

“To come to West Texas and be there with an audience that was excited to see it was a really great experience,” said Alejandro Solorzano., Director of Heroyna.

“Yes, we were featured in the West Texas Film Festival and we actually won best feature film which was the greatest feeling in the world for us,” said Claudia Sanchez, Producer of Heroyna.

There were several categories for people to compete in over the course three days they played over 100 films.

Program Director says they are already planning for next year’s film festival expecting it to be an even bigger event.