West Texans come together for health fair

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) - People all around West Texas had the chance to make sure their health is still going strong or get resources to get them back on track.

This is the 36th year the annual Permian Basin Health Fair has taken place.

Morgan Andrews is a Physician Assistant student at Texas Tech University, Health Sciences Center at Midland College.

She grew up about 80 miles south of town and said she saw the need first hand for doctors and other medical professionals in the area and that's why she start the process of getting her degree.

“West Texas is near and dear to my heart. I know how it feels to have maybe one doctor in town, one physician assistant, and one nurse practitioner. I really do recognize the need for physician assistants and filling that gap,” said Andrews.

This is the 36th year the annual Permian Basin Health Fair has taken place in Odessa.

Trevor Tankersley with MCH said, ‘Home Run for Good Health,” brought more than 50 different vendors together to give residents of West Texas the tools and resources to keep them staying healthy.

“We have so many people moving into the Permian Basin from the oil and gas industry that are not familiar with our area and may not be familiar with the different care or health system screening options that we have here in West Texas. It is important for us to have this event and help them become informed about what options they have for health care here in West Texas,” said Tankersley.

Andrews said her and other students gave free blood pressure readings because people usually do not show symptoms when they are having blood pressure problems.

“It is really important to have that preventative care. That is what we are getting at here. Just taking blood pressure. If you do not have a blood pressure problem you should still go ahead and get it done,” said Andrews.

She also encourages people to make sure they see their doctors on a regular basis and not just when they aren’t feeling well.

“It is really important for people to just to get established with a family Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, someone to keep track of their health and to really just make sure you are doing okay,” said Andrews.