New Water Wonderland could open as early as next Spring

ODESSA -- Copper Key Realty owner John Herriage confirmed to CBS 7 on Thursday that Water Wonderland has been sold and the new owner plans to turn it into a water park and event center.

Graffiti covers an elephant that was part of one of the pools at the former Water Wonderland between Odessa and Midland as seen here July 11, 2014. Some local residents would like to see something like the water park come to the Permian Basin./Odessa Amer

Key says this is because a water park is only open for a short part of the year and with it being an event center as well will bring in more revenue for the business.

Key adds that several building can be re-used and are in good shape.

Clean up is set to begin next week and a water park designer will be coming to Odessa to start the design process.

As for the new owner, Key tells us he has big plans for this project.

"He's a dreamer, he's a visionary, he can see what it can be, he said.

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After falling into disrepair 11 years ago, Midland waterpark Water Wonderland will be restored, according to the realtor of its new owner.

The sale went through on Thursday to a local businessman, Fily Loyzia Sr., owner of G.F. Elite Real Estate Holdings.

Copper Key Realty could not disclose how much Loyzia paid for the park, but did say it was on the market for more than a year, and had several sales fall through.

When asked why the owner decided to purchase the property, the property’s realtor, John Herriage, said Loyzia wants to restore it for the community.

“Part of it was he drove past it several times and it looks horrible. And he’s a dreamer. He’s a dreamer, he’s a visionary, he can see what it can be,” Herriage said.

While some residents raise concern over the city’s water resources, Herriage said the owner has spoken to water well companies about the issue.

Herriage relays the message that there is plenty of water in the area, and Loyzia will drill water wells.

The realtor could not provide details on what be inside the event center, or what parts of the original water park will be restored.

Herriage said there are many parts, like the wave pool that are in great shape and could potentially be restored.

Crews will secure the property and begin clean-up next week. The realtor also said a water park designer will visit the park on Thursday and then start the process of creating plans.

Herriage added that parts of the water park and event center could be open as early as next spring, since the new owner works with fast, reliable crews to finish projects within a reasonable timeframe.