Wall built over road in Midland County

In Midland County several people reached out to CBS 7 concerned about a road block that they say is wreaking havoc on businesses nearby because it’s causing a major detour.

For Rigo Hernandez, this has caused quite the headache for not only him, but many other drivers along this unpaved county road.

“It’s County Road 1148, then brick wall,” said Hernandez.

Time and time again, trucks are left with the task of navigating trench like holes along a dirt road.

Even while CBS7 was at the site, this massive truck had to navigate around a twenty-foot hole.

And according to workers CBS7 spoke with, this problem only began to happen when this wall was put up.

Before the subdivision was built behind the wall, trucks would drive through this paved portion of the road.

But now, they are only left with this dirty County Road, causing it to deteriorate quickly, even causing damage.

"It’s causing damage to vehicles,” said Hernandez.

But what about that wall in the middle of County Road 1148? Why is this okay?

Well its simple, according to the Owner of this wall, this entire area is private property, not actually owned by a government entity.

This also explains why there is no pavement on the roadway.

"Judge [Mike] Bradford ruled on it...and we built it the way they said…I’m sorry it’s an inconvenience,” said Felix Quiroz Jr., owner of the wall.

So according to the owner, he has every right to leave the wall where it stands.