Voter turnout surges among young Texans

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ECTOR COUNTY -- Recent poll reporting shows a surge of young voters turning out to vote in this midterm cycle.

CBS7 talked to UTPB students to hear why they think their peers are heading to the polls.

Target Smart reporting shows the number of Texas voters between age 18-30 have increased by more than 400 percent since the 2014 midterms.

Many UTPB students say they think the uptick is reactionary to President Donald Trump’s administration.

“Either people think that it’s their responsibility to either fight for it or to fight against it,” UTPB First-Year Shamar Fortune said.

Several students feel the latter responsibility.

Like Junior Hunter McMinn who said he wants his government to champion democratic policies again and he said his classmates are energized to make it happen.

“They’re seeing their country going backwards by about twenty or thirty years and they don’t want that to happen. They want it to continue to progress like it had been doing.”

Jill Johnson said young people are voting more because social media makes them more aware of the issues at stake.

“I see a lot of people my age telling everyone they need to go vote so I feel like it’s a strong influence,” she said. “And I think it will continue.”