Vitalant needs blood donations amid coronavirus outbreak

Odessa, Tx (KOSA) As people come together during this time of uncertainty to unite and serve one another.

One entity that needs your help is the blood drive industry which is taking a hit due to the coronavirus.

Blood drive centers around the Permian Basin are in high demand of blood donations because of blood drive cancellations.

“It has affected us in a very, very bad way because of the cancellations during this time,” Vitalant Recruitment Supervisor Dianne Scott said. “It's been unprecedented. I cannot imagine anybody else cancelling a blood drive.”

Scott wants the community to know that blood drives are still happening and her staff at Vitalant is working around the clock to be a service to the community and to local hospitals.

“So far I have filled the gap in for the units. The crew, the team, everybody I’m working with has been working diligently to get people to come in and donate,” Scott said.

As long as you are healthy, Vitalant needs your help and a partner to those in need of blood.

My message is to please come out and donate blood,” Scott said. “Because if people don’t come out and donate blood here in a couple of weeks, we’re really going to be in a crisis. I feel like surgeries will get postponed and I don’t know what else will happen. Knowing if they can come donate, if they’re feeling well and healthy they can still come donate blood.”

And if your company would like to host a blood drive, the process is simple.

“In a parking lot, all we need is an available restroom,” Scott said. “The FDA requires that we have to have an available restroom and that’s for the donors in case we have a reaction. I would like the community to know that we appreciate them and that people will come out and donate blood.”