Victims of Saturday's mass shooting identified

Published: Sep. 2, 2019 at 5:23 PM CDT
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The names of the seven people who were killed in Saturday's mass shooting in Odessa have been released.

-Leilah Hernandez, 15, Odessa

Leilah Hernandez, 15, was with her family Saturday as her 18-year-old brother, Nathan, picked up a truck. Nathan and Leilah were shot while walking out of the dealership, her grandmother, Nora Leyva, told the


"I guess he was just looking for someone to kill," she said.

Leyva said Leilah's mother pushed Leilah's 9-year-old brother under a car. Nathan wrapped his arms around Leilah and was shot in the arm. Another bullet struck Leilah near her collarbone.

"Help me, help me," the girl said as she died, Leyva said.

Leilah, an Odessa High School student, celebrated her quinceañera in May.

"It was like a dream for her," Leyva said.

Odessa High's school district, the Ector County Independent School District, didn't name Leilah but said one of its students was among those killed.

Students and faculty across West Texas are wearing yellow on Tuesday, Sept. 3 to “symbolize hope” and "in memory of Leilah.

-Joe Griffith, 40, Odessa

Joseph Griffith, 40, was killed while sitting at a traffic light with his wife and two children, his oldest sister, Carla Byrne, told the


"This maniac pulled up next to him and shot him, took away his life, murdered my baby brother. Like nothing," Byrne said. "We are so broken."

Byrne said Griffith, 40, worked six days a week to support his family. He was known for his sense of humor and an uncanny ability to impersonate people.

Griffith previously worked as a math teacher. One day before his death, a former student told Griffith what an "awesome teacher he was," his sister said.

-Mary Granados, 29, Odessa

Mail carrier Mary Granados was alone in her U.S. Postal Service truck when she was shot and killed by the gunman who carjacked her white mail van.

US Postal Service officials issued a statement Sunday saying they were shocked and saddened and were “especially grieving the loss of our postal family member.”

Mary has a twin sister.

-Edwin Peregrino, 25, Odessa

Edwin Peregrino, 25, ran into the yard of his parents’ Odessa home to investigate after hearing gunshots, his sister, Eritizi Peregrino, told The

. The gunman speeding by the home opened fire, killing him.

"It happened at our home. You think you're safe at your own house," Eritizi Peregrino, 23, said in an interview. "You're not even safe at your own house."

Eritizi Peregrino's husband also was shot. She said he is recovering.

Eritizi Peregrino said her brother was home for the weekend to talk about his new job and his new life in San Antonio.

"You could always count on him for anything," she said. "He would always help my parents and his siblings. I knew I could always rely on him and call on him."

-Rodolfo Julio Arco, 57, Odessa

Rudy was brutally shot and killed while driving home from work in the recent Odessa active shooting. Rudy was a father, and friend who’s life was ended way too soon.

-Kameron Karltess Brown, 30, Brownwood

U.S. Army veteran, 30-year-old Kameron Brown, was tragically shot while inside of his vehicle in front of Ratliff stadium. At one point in the gunman’s violent series of events, he made his way to Yukon and Grandview after he stole the mail van.

-Raul Garcia, 35, El Paso

Raul Garcia, 34, was a truck driver. He was shot and killed on I-20. He left behind his mother, sister, brother and three boys.

25 people were hurt in the shooting. 22 names have been released.

-Nathan Hernandez, 18, Odessa

-Marc Gonzales, 38, Odessa

-Zachary Owens, Midland Police Department

-Timmoth Beard, 55, San Antonio

-James Santana, Odessa Police Department

-Glenda Dempsy, 62, Odessa

-Marco Corral, 62, San Diego, CA.

-Coy Edge, 53, Odessa

-Joseph Glide, 60, Odessa

-Anderson Davis, 17 months, Odessa

-Daniel Munoz, 28, Yuma, AZ.

-Robert Cavasoz, 38, Alice, TX.

-Maria Boado, 27, Haileah, FL.

-Efe Obayagbona, 45, Round Rock, TX

-Bradley Grimsley, 64, Clarksville, TX.

-Chuck Pryor, Texas Department of Public Safety

-Timmothy Hardaway, 54, Brownwood

-Quadri Fatai, 41, Houston

-Jesus Alvidrez, 21, Gardendale

-Lilia Diaz, 46, Odessa

-Krystal Lee, 36, Odessa

-Larry Shores, 34, Abilene

have been created for many of the victims.