Valentine’s Day map: Where the other singles are

The map’s based on more than 60,000 tweets of people complaining about being single for the holiday.
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(Gray News) – Plenty of people are venting on social media ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Shocking, right?

The folks at Azazie, a bridal and wedding site, compiled data from more than 60,000 tweets over the last month to come up with the Top 10 “Single for Valentine’s Day” states.

Because, as we know, nothing improves your love life like complaining about it on Twitter.

Here’s the list of states. If you live in the Southwest, you’ve got lots of company:

  1. Texas
  2. Utah
  3. Nevada
  4. New Mexico
  5. Alaska
  6. Hawaii
  7. California
  8. Alabama
  9. Michigan
  10. Indiana

Here are just a few of those 60,000 tweets the map is based on:

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