Two men arrested in connection with theft of vehicles and materials from oil companies

ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA)-- ECSO officials followed up on information about two suspects wanted in connection with several robberies related to oil fields that occurred around the area.

The efforts were worth it since earlier this week, the information led agents to arrest two high-profile thieves.

Aaron Niles, 39, has charges that include theft, criminal mischief, UUMV. So far, a bail of $ 280,000.00 has been imposed and he remains in custody.

Blake J. Williams, 35, charged with property theft, has been set up a bail of $ 5,000.00. He has been released.

These arrests were made by the Ector County Sheriff's Office along with the assistance of the Midland Police, the Midland County Sheriff's Office, Andrew's Police, the Andrews County Sheriff's Office, the Gaines County Police and the Gaines County Sheriff's Office.

The arrest of these two suspects is considered important for the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars in trailers and vehicles of the company along with theft of Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Brass and BRNZ.

Major oil companies such as Oxy, XTO and others have suffered heavy losses due to the huge amount of stolen materials.

There are additional charges pending and the investigation continues.