Two local children at center of illegal organ harvesting scandal in Lubbock

Published: Feb. 19, 2019 at 6:26 PM CST
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A county commissioner up in Lubbock is calling out the local chief medical examiner for illegally harvesting the organs of two children from West Texas.

Commissioner Jason Corley claims he was told Dr. Sam Andrews took excessive amounts of tissue while performing autopsies on 2-year-old Zaydrian Guerra and 3-year-old Delany Tercero.

Both children died around the same time back in August.

Odessa Police told our sister-station KCBD-TV that Zaydrian died from reported abuse, and you ll remember Delany died in that natural gas home explosion in Midland County.

Corley says Dr. Andrews removed, entire organs and the method of which they were being stored would imply they were being kept for research.

He also told the television station, "Two sources had stated that to me that they were specifically told by Dr. Andrews and Dr. Evan Matshes that they would be using those tissues for research, excuse me, that they had overheard this in conversation,"

Now Dr. Andrews has filed a criminal complaint against Corley saying the commissioner has been harassing him and making defamatory comments about him.

Corley denies the allegations.

Meanwhile, according to KCBD-TV, the Texas Medical Board, an oversight agency that has the authority to conduct licensing and disciplinary actions, requested the children s autopsy reports from the medical examiner's office and numerous documents surrounding Dr. Andrews including an employment application, credentials and documents of special training or certifications, job description, performance evaluations, investigation into patient care issues, other complaint investigations, behavior issues, peer review, and any inappropriate staff violations.


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