Two Midlands top list of cities with fast growing paychecks

Published: Dec. 5, 2019 at 8:27 PM CST
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Bloomberg has released a report ranking the top cities with growing salaries.

It won’t surprise you that Midland, Texas tops that list, but the runner up just might.

It turns out the number two spot belongs to Midland’s twin city, identical twin, actually—Midland, Michigan.

Salaries there have grown by about 12.8% in the past few years compared to the tall city’s 28%.

CBS7 spoke to this city’s communication coordinator, Katie Guyer, who explained much of this midland’s wealth comes from Dow Chemical Company, a fortune 500 company headquartered in the city.

In recent years, they’ve split off into several specialized branches bringing in a lot more employees.

“We’ve seen a lot of people come into the community from all over the world, essentially, to work for Dow,” Guyer said. “And with those people comes a lot of particular skills or expertise that oftentimes takes high paychecks.”

Big paychecks and big brains.

Midland has the highest population of engineers, chemists and people with PHD’s in the country.

They make up the growing university programs and globally recognized healthcare facilities.

“They’ve really been recognized as one of the premiere health system locations, not just in Michigan but in the whole country as well,” Guyer said.

Fortunately for them, Guyer said this Midland hasn’t been suffering the same housing woes as us with median housing prices nearly half of what we see in West Texas.

She said because the city’s population isn’t growing at the same rate of an oil boom town their infrastructure hasn’t been outpaced by their business.

“Ultimately, we would love for everyone who lives in this community to live here and for everyone who works in this community to live here and recognition like this make that possible,” she said.

So, perhaps not identical twins.

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