Trooper Teaches Students life Lessons

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ODESSA - Odessa high holds thousands of students who are trying to get their diploma.
Today, a Texas state trooper spoke to some of them and told them they need to aspire to even more.
About 600 kids heard from trooper Elena Viramontes about believing in yourself, and the importance of going to college.
Most DPS troopers spend their days serving the public. From road safety to crime scene investigation, they protect the communities they work in.
“It’s important for the kids to know that if I can do it, then they can do it,” said trooper Viramontes.
2015 marks the 8th year Odessa High has hosted the coca cola valued youth program.
It brings in speakers from the community to inspire students.
It also teaches them an important lesson.
“We don’t want these kids to fear or hate police so it’s important that we do this kind of stuff while they’re still learning,” said Keri Joy, an OHS Teacher.
The program hopes to push kids towards jobs which require college degrees, and it seems to, little by little have an effect on the teenagers.
“Yeah I think that she has inspired me to be my best,” said Nathaniel Duarte, a student who attended the lesson, “or at least better than I was yesterday.”
And as trooper Viramontes says, it’s all worth it, if she reaches at least one kid.