Tons of bagels burn to a crisp when truck hauling them catches fire

Troopers say the driver failed to disengage his breaks, causing them to spark an ignite the fire. (Source: Indiana State Police Department)
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JASPER COUNTY, Ind. (Gray News) - All the cream cheese in the world couldn’t have salvaged the 38,000 pounds of frozen bagels that burned in a tractor-trailer fire.

Indiana Trooper Mason Wiley was off duty early Sunday evening when he saw smoke coming from underneath an 18-wheeler traveling north on Interstate 65.

Wiley, who was headed south, found a cross over and turned around to pull over the trucker.

Authorities identified the driver as 31-year-old Quiner Louis of Florida.

By the time he got his big rig pulled to the shoulder of the road, the brakes were fully engulfed in flames and the fire was quickly spreading to the trailer.

The heat grew so intense, the rear tires of the trailer exploded.

Louis managed to disconnect the tractor from the trailer and firefighters soon arrived to put out the blaze, but they were too late to save the trailer’s contents.

Investigators said Louis failed to disengage his brakes, causing them to spark and ignite the fire.

Crews worked until 1 up the roadway and removing the charred trailer.

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