The Fort Stockton police chief is out, but the city won't explain why

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FORT STOCKTON, Tx. (KOSA) - On Wednesday, we found out the Fort Stockton Police Chief Ryan Skelton is no longer with the department.

Thursday, we went to the City of Fort Stockton for answers but were met with silence.

I spent most of the day here at city hall trying to get someone to give an explanation about the Skelton’s departure, but no one would.

City employees said City Manager Frank Rodriguez III is the only one who could talk about what happened to Skelton.

However, he was nowhere to be found around the office all day and did not return any of the messages CBS7 sent him through his assistant.

Skelton also didn’t return any of my calls.

Because the city has stayed quiet, we don’t yet know if he was fired or if he decided to resign.

This all comes after months of public outcry against his department for the way they’re handling an investigation into an auto-pedestrian death.

“I was relieved,” Ramona Esqueda said about Skelton leaving the department.

Esqueda and her family have been speaking out against the police since her grandson, Michael Garza, was hit and killed by a car in April.

His family has been pushing back on the police department saying the investigation that followed wasn’t thorough enough.

“My husband asked him if there was any drug testing done, any breathalyzer done,” Esqueda said. “He said there was not probable cause for it. To me, it seems like he was just another person. My grandson, just another person. I don’t know. That hurt a lot.”

Months after Garza died of his injuries, that driver still hasn’t been arrested charged or even identified.

Skelton told CBS7 the district attorney’s office will let a grand jury decide if charges should be filed.

The assistant to the district attorney announced a grand jury will meet within 30 days to review the case.

“Something needs to be done,” Esqueda said. “My son was killed, bottom line. I don’t have him. I won’t have him again. He’s gone.”

Police told us that if charges are filed against the driver his or her identity would likely be revealed then.