The End of the Cilantro Embargo

PRODUCE MAN Major league baseball postseason begins today. That means you better have some good guacamole on hand for those playoff games, and that means you need some Cilantro. Have you noticed the price of Cilantro has finally come down?

What in the world happened to Cilantro? Well, for a month the United States Department of the Agriculture actually embargoed all Cilantro coming in from Mexico. They had some salmonella problems -- Mexico -- in several different fields.

So no Cilantro was coming in from Mexico. Fields in the domestic states here, they were not ready for harvest yet. So basically, there's hardly any Cilantro. Prices of Cilantro shot up.

Well, finally, fields here in the United States are coming into full production, Mexico is finally being let back in, so finally, Cilantro prices, coming back down.

Phew! Just in time for your guacamole for major league baseball playoffs. I'm Michael Marks, Your Produce Man.