Texas town assists Mexico neighbors in massive fire

Published: May. 28, 2017 at 4:27 PM CDT
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UPDATE: The fire is still burning across the border in Ojinaga as of Monday night.

Firefighters say they have it under control and are now focusing on the hot spots.


Presidio firefighters assisted Ojinaga Fire Department Saturday with a fire at the Municipal Trash Deposit site in Ojinaga and officials say the fire had been burning since Friday.

Flames were so intense that one of Ojinaga heavy machinery with water hoses was damaged by the intense heat which caused the pipes to melt.

Presidio Fire Department responded for about 7 hrs. They were requested by the Ojinaga Fire Department to help with the fire in order to clear the path to make the fire accessible for crews to extinguish the flames.

According to Ojinaga Fire Chief Dr. Roberto Piña Molinar, as of Sunday afternoon, the fire was still burning.

He states officials are still on scene trying to battle some of the outside fires while the other firefighters and officials are letting some of the fire that they can't contain burn.

The fires that firefighters cannot contain may take several days to burn.

No one was injured, but the main threat to the community is the toxic fumes from the fire.

CBS 7 spoke with Presidio Fire Chief Saul Pardo and he states they have an agreement with the sister city of Ojinaga and there was a delay at the Mexican border due to an agreement that hasn’t been revised in a long time.

"We are two small towns so far from other cities when we have this kind of emergency, we shouldn't have limitations. We are dealing with such an intense situation that working as a team could make the difference between life or death. It's about people, not borders" says Presidio Fire Chief Saul Pardo.

Presidio and Ojinaga Fire Departments are planning to have mutual training in the near future.

You can view pictures of the fire below.