UTSA, UNT named two of the fastest growing sugar baby schools in the U.S.

ODESSA -- A report by a dating site that pairs a “sugar daddy” with a “sugar baby” found that more students at several Texas colleges are joining the site looking for financial help.

Seeking Arrangement reports that 2.7 million United States college students use the app.

In its annual report, Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools of 2019, the University of Texas San Antonio came in at number 19 with 875 students currently signed up. In 2018, the site boasted 141 students.

According to the website, a sugar daddy is a person who will support a sugar baby that he or she is compatible with and that also shares the same goals.

The support can be in terms of monetary payment, which can be used to pay off student loans or tuition costs. The sugar baby’s monthly allowance can also be used to fund shopping sprees. The site states that the sugar baby can expect to be taken on exotic trips or dinner at nice restaurants.

One senior at UTSA, Anthony Silvas, said several of his friends joined the dating site while in school.

"These friends tend to be female and usually seek out older guys that have a lot more money and just have them pay for stuff, so that they don't have to take away from school,” he told our sister station KENS5 in San Antonio.

The University of North Texas also made the list, with 192 new sign-ups, totaling 573 sugar babies in 2019.

According to the Forbes article, “Student Loan Debt in 2019: A $1.5 Trillion Crisis,” Texas has some of the highest student loan debt among resident borrowers.

The site states that a sugar daddy will usually spend around $3,000 a month on a sugar baby.

While the website does not specifically cater to college students, CBS7 found that it does offer a “free upgrade,” a membership, if they use a .edu email address.