Texas man facing several charges after leading troopers on chase while streaming on Facebook live

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock man is facing serious charges after he led Texas Department of Public Safety troopers on a chase through Lubbock on Friday night. And to make matters worse for him, the suspect was live on Facebook. Lieutenant Bryan Witt said he believes the suspect thought this was funny and a game, but Witt said this is serious. Sometimes, it’s life and death for these troopers.

KCBD Newschannel 11 at 10 4/10/2019 Facebook live chase

In the video, the suspect begins the video about 30 seconds before asking, “who can I roll up on?” shortly after that, you can see the suspects face change as a trooper tries to pull him over. The chase starts on Marsha Sharp Freeway and Interstate 27. The live video lasts about 15 minutes.

Witt said the suspect evaded troopers through residential neighborhoods at high speeds and even tried cutting through open fields to lose the troopers.

About 10 minutes into the video, you can see the suspects car crash.

Multiple troopers arrive on scene and try to get the suspect to get out of the vehicle.

Witt said, “Once the suspect got out of vehicle, he became belligerent . He started spitting at troopers and fighting with them.”

No lethal force was used and the suspect was handcuffed and put into the troopers car. Witt said at that time, the suspect began complaining of shortness of breath.

Witt said the suspect confessed to previously using heroin. The suspect was treated for an opioid overdose and taken to the hospital. He is still there, but once he’s released, troopers will get him into custody and charge him. Witt listed the charges the suspect is facing. Driving while license invalid, Failed to maintain financial responsibility/no insurance, Expired license plates, Evading law enforcement in vehicle (deadly weapon) -which is a felony- Resisting arrest, and Driving while intoxicated- under the influence of drugs.

Witt said, thankfully, no one was injured, but this situation could have ended differently. Witt said in the video the suspect said, ‘I love everybody.’ Witt believes the suspect was trying to entice the officers into doing something, to catch them doing something wrong, or to use lethal force against him.

The name of the suspect has not yet been released and charges are pending. Witt said the video will be used in court as evidence against the suspect.

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