Texas man credited with saving dog after leash gets stuck in elevator

HOUSTON (CNN) - A good Samaritan’s quick-thinking actions were caught on camera outside a Houston elevator, and he is now being credited with saving a dog’s life.

Security footage shows a Texas man leap into action and save his neighbor's Pomeranian after its leash got caught in elevator doors. (Source: CNN)

Johnny Mathis of Houston was walking out of an elevator Monday at an apartment complex as a woman and her dog were about to enter. Mathis realized after the doors closed that the dog didn’t make it inside.

A security camera captured the moment when Mathis jumped in and grabbed the leash as the elevator was going down. He was able to remove the leash before the dog was harmed.

The woman would be reunited with her Pomeranian soon after, and Mathis said she was elated to know her dog was OK.

“I think she just said ‘thank you’ and we hugged but she was just so overcome with emotion,” Mathis said.

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