Texas is the Biggest Prize on Super Tuesday

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As the Sports Director, you obviously see me on the sidelines most days covering sports but I will say that this Presidential race is just as competitive as a game under the lights on Friday nights.

Super Tuesday is unlike any other on the calendar year because there is not another day that gives a candidate as much of a chance to set themselves apart from the pack.

“Any candidate that cannot win his home state has a real problem,” Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz said today.

While 10 other states held both Republican and Democratic primaries on Tuesday, the Lone Star State is the crown jewel of Super Tuesday with 155 Republican delegates up for grabs. There is no denying that Midland residents I spoke to want change.

"I just want to get back to the constitution,” one Midland resident said, who wished to remain anonymous. “Follow the constitution, honor it, respect it and I think everything will fall into place."

Early polls showed front runner Donald Trump doing well in Texas.

"You know what, he's just different,” Midland resident Nancy Sloan said. “We need something different than politicians."

But Texas senator Ted Cruz captured two states on Tuesday. Cruz earned victories in Oklahoma and his home state of Texas.

"He stands up for the constitution and I'm really impressed by him,” Midland resident Abel Duran said.

Midland resident Todd Turner said he likes Trump and Cruz.

"I think that either one of them will be a good president for us right now," Turner said.

Trump won six states on Super Tuesday.

There are 222 Democratic delegates in Texas as well. Hillary Clinton picked up victories in six states, including Texas. Experts say the win could erase the possibility of a Bernie Sander’s nomination.