Texas father pleads to 45 years for starving 12-year-old to death

Booking photos of John and Jennifer Arndt (Grayson County Sheriff's Office)
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SHERMAN, Tx. (KXII) -- A Denison father charged accused of starving his own 12-year-old son to death pleaded guilty in Grayson County district court Monday.

John Howard Arndt, 35, got 45 years in prison.

Arndt was arrested alongside his wife, 35 year old Jennifer Arndt after the death of their son last October.

Police were notified by the Department of Family and Protective Services that a 12- year-old child had been taken to a local hospital with substantial injuries and signs of being starved.

He later died at a Dallas hospital.

“The facts of this case are horrible. It’s unimaginable that a parent in this day and age would allow something like this is occur,” Grayson County district attorney Brett Smith said. “In fact, they facilitated it by failing to act. There's just no other way to describe it. It was a horrific act. This child went through a lot of pain and suffering before his death

The child's mother, Jennifer Arndt, also pleaded guilty two weeks ago and got 50 years in prison.