Texas father and unborn baby killed by drunk driver in horrific crash

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- A Texas State University student, accused in a deadly D-U-I crash faced a jury this week.

She also faced the woman who lost her husband and unborn baby in the crash.

August 2, 2016 is a day 25-year-old Kristian Guerrero says forever changed her life.

Kristian and her husband Fabian were in San Antonio that morning.

She says he was just approved to receive his green card.

The couple was dreaming about their future.

But the celebration was short-lived as the couple headed back home to Bryan.

"I saw another vehicle coming towards me. I just remember opening my eyes and being on the side of the road with the whole windshield gone", Kristian said.

Hours later in the hospital, Kristian was told her husband died.

A short time later her unborn baby also died.

"Just knowing that you lost your husband and your son, the last piece of him that I had in this world."

At the scene, police began questioning the other driver, Shana Elliot.

Police video shows Elliott on a bikini struggling to complete a sobriety test and asking if the couple in the other car were okay.

At the hospital a blood test showed that Elliot had a blood alcohol level of .199 well above the legal limit to drive.

The Jury will return Thursday morning to hear more evidence.

Because Elliot entered a guilty plea Monday in front of the jury, they will be instructed to return a guilty verdict and then decide the sentence.