Texas 5-year-old saves mom after she doesn’t wake up

Chelsie Montemayor, who is diabetic, was found unresponsive on Friday. Her 5-year-old called...
Chelsie Montemayor, who is diabetic, was found unresponsive on Friday. Her 5-year-old called for help and saved her life.(GIM)
Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 10:18 AM CST
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A Texas grandmother received a terrifying phone call from her 5-year-old grandson, Benjamin, last week.

Her daughter, the child’s mother, was having a medical emergency.

“Honestly, really honestly, I don’t remember anything," said Chelsie Montemayor, Benjamin’s mother. "If he would not have called for help, I would’ve been dead.”

Montemayor, who is diabetic, said the last thing she remembered was seeing her husband off to work on Nov. 1.

Benjamin knew something was wrong when he couldn’t wake his mother up. The upset boy called his grandmother, who then called her son-in-law, who dialed 911.

She rushed to the home and found her daughter unresponsive in the bedroom as the paramedics arrived.

First responders checked her blood sugar and found it was dangerously low. Montemayor said she slowly started to feel better after they gave her something to raise her blood sugar.

Montemayor said it’s never too early for children to learn how to use the phone in case of an emergency.

“Teach your kids. Teach your kids even if you have to put an emoji by somebody’s name, or a heart, different colored hearts, by certain people’s names so they know if there’s an emergency, press this heart, it’s going to grandma, press this heart, it’s going to call dad,” Montemayor said.

Benjamin received a fireman’s hat from the first responders on the scene, who called him a hero.

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