Tattoo artists paint mural to give Odessans strength after shooting

Published: Sep. 8, 2019 at 10:19 PM CDT
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Since the mass shooting shattered lives all over the city, businesses have been doing their part to help Odessa get back on its feet.

Now artists at black cat tattoo company are bringing the community together through art.

Edgar Armendariz often tattoos heartfelt messages for his clients.

But after a mass shooting shattered lives all over Odessa, he and his fellow artists knew they needed a much bigger canvas for a much bigger message.

The Black Cat Tattoo Company staff spent Sunday painting a magnificent mural, showing Odessans they’re not alone as they grieve.

“The message was just, y’know, through art we can all come together as a community and have it up there for everyone to drive by and see it and know that we care and we’re just trying to support all them that are feeling a loss for what happened,” Armendariz said.

That shooting nearly left a permanent hole in the black cat tattoo family.

Stephen Ruelas found posts of his friend and client Daniel Munoz in his car bleeding from a bullet wound.

“My heart started beating so fast,” Ruelas said. “I just had to just see if he was okay.”

Ruelas messaged him immediately scared for his life, but fortunately, the bullet only grazed Munoz’s back and he’s back home safe and sound.

“He said my car’s pretty damaged and I was like okay so long as it’s the car and not you.”

Like Munoz, it’s now time for Odessa to heal as the community unites giving each other comfort hope and, most of all, strength.

“It’s very heartwarming,” Ruelas said. “When we were all doing the mural I just hear people honking their horns and screaming saying thank you so much and we just, that’s all I ever care about is making other people happy.”

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