NFL star Tannehill sets example for Big Spring football program

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 10:48 PM CST
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Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill led the Big Spring football team from 2004-2006. He also exemplifies what the current Steers program wants to be.

“Biggest thing is be built on discipline,” Head Coach Cannon McWilliams said. “A family atmosphere for our kids, where they know that we care about them, but we’re going to hold them to a higher standard.”

Tannehill took the Steers to the playoffs in his junior and senior seasons, before earning a scholarship to Texas A&M.

“It’s just crazy knowing that he came from here,” Big Spring center Derek Howard said. “He’s just a person that everybody looks up to, because if he can do it then anybody can do it.”

Tannehill was a first round pick of the Miami Dolphins in 2012, and played seven seasons for the team. Last March, Tannehill was traded to the Titans, where he was expected to serve as a backup.

However after a 2-4 start this season, the Titans benched Marcus Mariota and put in Tannehill. Since then all he’s done is lead Tennessee to one win away from the Super Bowl.

“It’s a good story for our kids that sometimes things don’t work out,” McWilliams said. “You get shipped to other places. You may be a backup, but when your number is called you’ve got to be ready, and he’s obviously been ready.”

“He pushes his team,” Big Spring quarterback Gabriel Baeza said of Tannehill. “Good leadership, and just hard work. Pushes his players to go hard and just go out there and win games.”

While the current Big Spring quarterback admires Tannehill’s game, he’ll be cheering for the opposing Kansas City Chiefs quarterback on Sunday.

“I’m going to root for Pat Mahomes,” Baeza said. “Because he’s like an idol that I’ve looked up to for a long time. I went to Texas Tech games, watched him. He’s been my role model.”

Baeza probably isn’t the only one in West Texas rooting for the former Red Raider, but Tannehill will have plenty of support too.

“Just know, as a lifelong Cowboys fan, I am definitely rooting for the Titans this weekend,” McWilliams said.

Howard echoed his coach’s sentiment:

“In Tannehill we trust.”

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